You guys, there is a reason there has been no posts lately, it’s because my well has run dry.

I’ve gone through many lyrics, many songs. YOU need to ask for lyrics you want to see! Designs, anything. I need something new to work with. If you see a lyric I’ve already done, but want just part of it on a different post, tell me, I’ll do it!

Please, I don’t want to abandon you guys, but I honestly don’t know what else to post.



More information on the bracelets for Nicholas Matthews!


I’ve talked to my dad, we’re working things out! But to get this to work, we have to abide by what he says, or else this isn’t going to happen.

If you don’t already know, I am ordering a bunch of bracelets online. They are rubber, like those you’d get from Hot Topic. They’re 8 inches, 3/4” thick, black with white writing saying “We love Nick Matthews”.

I’ve got about 115 requests for them, but you guys need to know something, I have more information. These are going to be able to be ordered from my dad’s website, because he has a license to sell things. It’s not set up yet, we’re still working out details, but you will be able to order it from there. Payment will be made there, credit card or PayPal. If this is not possible for you, you can mail it in. I will be able to give you an address once all this is set up.

The bracelets are going to cost at least $2.50, most definitely no more than $3, which is all still extremely cheap for a bracelet like this. I know, I said $2 before, but that was when this was all an idea. Talking to my dad, that is his condition. He’s gonna crunch the numbers and everything, but that’s basically what it will be up to.

You guys will have to place your orders and payment before I order the bracelets. I need to have a guarantee, I need to know. Obviously, when that happens I have to supply you with the bracelets, or I will end up in a lot of legal trouble. This is not a scam, I don’t know how I can prove that to you. Believe me, if you can think of a way, let me know.

When my dad and I have this all set up, I will give you information. FOLLOW ME FOR INFORMATION. I can’t stress this enough. I will try to contact as many people as I can, but I might just miss you.

Leave something in my ask if you’re interested, don’t just reblog this. But please DO reblog this, and spread the word! Thank you for you time and support! <3

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Alright, this might be a really stupid idea, but I have a question for you guys.


I found this site a while ago when I wanted a bracelet to remember my friend Ella that passed. They let you customize good rubber bracelets to whatever you want.

I was thinking, with recent events in mind, I could order a bunch of bracelets that say “We love Nick Matthews”. I think it’d really show we support and love him, and help him feel better.

The thing is, this isn’t free at all. The bracelets are about $2.00 each. The little difference between the actual price and two dollars will cover shipping; they are small enough I believe I can just mail them in an envelope.

The design I have laid out right now is a black band with white writing, simple, but it gets the message across.

But i need you guys in this! The minimum order on this site is 100 bands, so I need at least 100 people to confirm that they would be willing to pay this for these bracelets! I need some sort of guarantee, I’m not going into this light-heartedly. I need your promise. Also, if this does happen, I will not send the bracelets until I receive payment.

I still have to talk to my parents about this stuff, but I want to know if it would be even worth bothering. So, reblog this if you’d be interested, leave a comment, leave something in my ask, somehow let me know if you’d be interested!

I will let you know ASAP if this is going to happen or not, but if it gets up to enough people, I will definitely be doing this.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, IF THIS HAPPENS: This is a one-time thing. I won’t be placing another order, so you better have everything figured out before that happens.

So reblog and let me know!

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Alright, guys, I assume you’re all aware of the situation with Nick?

Our beautiful front man is not doing so well. Last night, in a cry for help, he posted a lot on Twitter, and tried to take his life. Craig Mabbitt stepped in and called an ambulance.

Long story short, Nick is now in the hospital, he’s doing better, but he’s still upset. He needs our support! So go read about a project being put together for Nick, and participate!

Reblog this, and help spread the word! Our favorite front man deserves all the love in the world right now. <3


Back from camp, it was so much fun!

However, I’m busy tomorrow, and Warped is Tuesday, so you’ll have to go a couple more days without posts. SUBMIT! It’ll get posted, and I haven’t gotten any submissions since the first night. :P


Alright, darlings, I’ve got somethin’ ya need to see!

I’m going to camp this week, and there is no internet, no nothing. I’m sneaking my iPod in, it’s that bad. So, I’ll be back next Sunday, with a whole slew of posts for ya, but for this next week there will be none. (unless you submit, I can get on my phone and post them) So, if you want to see more posts, SUBMIT!!!

Thank you for understanding!


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Yep. I’ve always wanted to see a grey, faceless, hairless body naked. Go away.

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